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Welcome to Glenn Madden's AKA Glenn Keith personal web site biography and just general stuff from Glenn Keith Madden.
Glenn Keith Madden, Entrepreneur, Furniture Designer, Artist, Website Designer, Writer, Adventurer and a lot more.
Born and raised in Laurens South Carolina
Presently living in Jepara Indonesia Designing and Building Furniture - 10 years plus
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I Glenn Keith Madden am originally from South Carolina. I lived in Ware Shoals until the age of ten. Then we moved to Lauren's SC until I was old enough to join the Army National Guard at age 17, At which time I was on my own.

Long story short ... I am going to jump to the present for the introduction. Later I will add in stories of my life and adventures.

I am presently and have been for 8 years living in Indonesia. I had married a woman from Bandung. She traveled around the world with me some until our daughter came along. This is the start of how I ended up living in Indonesia. My wife had been in and out of the USA on a tourist visa valid for 5 years multiple entry. When she got pregnant with our daughter I realized she was going to over stay the maximum per visit of 6 months so I applied for her a green card. This made her legal in the USA because the papers were in the immigration office. Well it took them 6 months to send me the papers back and tell me the office I sent it to could not process it and for me to use my local office. South Carolina has few immigration offices and there were no local offices. By this time my daughter had been born and my wife wanted to return to Indonesia with me for a short visit with family. I knew if I re-applied for the green card she could not leave the US until it was processed so we decided to wait until we came back from indonesia.


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